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Jagtastic Welcome to New Teachers

Tonallo Colon and Trisha Esguerra

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Looking forward to this new school year, 2017-2018, several new teachers have been welcomed at Kimball High School. This school year is a fresh start for all of us to get back on track, it is also a new, fresh start for the new teachers. Two of the many are Anthony Irizarry and Timothy Wall.
Mr. Irizarry has worked in education for ten years, starting in 2007, and has started teaching five years ago. Before starting his career as a teacher, he worked as a certified nursing assistant and as a finished wine operator at E.J. Gallo Winery.  Irizarry began as a teacher here at Kimball High as a Learning Handicapped Science teacher before moving on to teach at Pitman High School in Turlock, CA and Mountain House High School in Mountain House, CA. Now, Irizarry returns this school year to teach Economics/American Government, American History, and AVID.
Mr.Irizarry deeply enjoys the Kimball community, is happy with the students on campus, and loves the subjects he gets to teach. “I get to talk about history, philosophy, and politics all day… and I get to shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders,” says Irizarry when asked what his favorite thing about teaching was.
Kimball will have a great teacher on their side for many years to come because Mr.Irizarry does not plan on leaving anytime soon. In fact, he plans to continue teaching at Kimball until July 5th, 2043, the date at which he can retire. Irizarry’s goals for this school year consist of three main goals: to build a curriculum that he can expand upon in the future for Economics/American Government, to help all his AVID students make it to four year universities, and to give his American History students a strong foundation on what it is to be an American.
Mr. Irizarry was asked lastly what his best advice to the students was; he answered, “Can’t never could do anything. I don’t know how many excuses you have in life, but you only need one solution. So if you think you can, you can find that one solution to make whatever it is you need work. Look for that one solution.” Kimball is very lucky to have a great teacher such as Mr.Irizarry on their team.
Teaching high school for three years now, Timothy Wall teaches Sophomore English classes and as well as the Medical and Health Services Academy here at Kimball. Wall enjoys the Kimball community and admires the way other teachers are willing to help. “Kimball is great so far!  I love the community and the way teachers are willing to go out of their way to help each other.  The students are engaged and seem to like debating ideas in class.  I am enjoying our conversations so far.”
Before coming to Kimball, he taught at The Harvey School which is a private school in New York. Mr. Wall is very reflective over his students and states that the best moments in class are when the students understand a complex idea. “The students are great!  They seem to want to know more about the works we study, and they are always willing to share their own opinions.  I enjoy challenging their ideas and seeing how far they can take their perspectives.”
Wall’s goal is to reach out to all students and hopes they ask questions in order to understand the material. Adding on, he advises students to not be afraid to ask, he says , “I would tell students to keep up with their work and never be afraid to ask for help. Teachers are there to support their pupils; we want our students to succeed and to grow as learners and people.”
In the future, Mr. Wall plans and hopes to stay here teaching at Kimball High and continuing on supporting his students. “ My hope is that Kimball, and its community, become my home for the long-term.”

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Jagtastic Welcome to New Teachers