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Irma Hits the East

Kelsey Taylor and Trisha Esguerra

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In early September, Hurricane Irma made its way to the East Coast after ripping through the Caribbean days prior. Listed as a category 5 hurricane, with winds reaching 185 mph, Irma left millions in Florida and thousands in Georgia without power.

Irma is now set to reach Alabama and more of Georgia. Hurricane Jose, a category 1, is expected to follow a path similar to that of Irma, though so far it has only brushed the Caribbean. As of Monday, Irma was downgraded to a tropical storm but the devastation continues.

California’s Kimball High School Leadership is planning a canned food drive in response to the hurricane. Leadership student Kara Asuncion says, “It’s pretty terrible. It’s sad to see people getting torn from their homes because after a hurricane what do you have next?”

Other students express their concerns regarding the disaster as well. “It makes me sad to think about how families are handling this,” says Keith Sistoso, a junior at Kimball.

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Irma Hits the East