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Kimball Teams Prepare for Winter Season

Madison Salazar and Sonann Hakimi

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Students are doing many things to prepare for the Winter Sports season which begins around December, as well as Track, which starts in late February. Young athletes are training almost every day to get ready for their season. Talyn Steffens, a junior at Kimball High School, practices five days a week to get in shape for her track season. To prepare for her upcoming sports activities, Steffens mentions how she constantly runs and attends the weight room.
Basketball is a Winter sport and, for the boys Varsity team, conditioning has begun. Samuel Zuniga is a Senior at Kimball High School and is currently playing his fourth year of basketball here. When asked about the conditioning and what they do Zuniga stated, “We do a six-minute mile, twelve bleachers, one hundred push-ups, fifteen slow squats, and back and forth hops.” Zuniga admitted that the conditioning can be challenging, but in the end is a great way to get in shape for the season.
Another sport that has been conditioning for the upcoming season is Girls Soccer. The girls Varsity coach, Ronald Hattley, has decided that weight training along with conditioning would be a great start to the pre-season training. Shelby Salinas is currently on her fourth year of playing soccer at Kimball and said that lately they’ve just been building their strength in the weight room getting ready for the season. “It gets tiring, but it’s a good workout.” Said Salinas.
There are many hardworking athletes training to become better every day at Kimball High School, and coaches are constantly working with these kids to help them improve. Coaches at Kimball not only care about helping them on the field but will help them find tutors or help for them if they’re struggling with a class. Kids are out on those fields or courts everyday working hard, excited for the new seasons to come.

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Kimball Teams Prepare for Winter Season