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Accidents Coming to a School Near You?

Marisol Flores and Victoria Lapizco

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At Kimball High School, there have been two car accidents within the first five weeks of school. There are speed bumps at every other high school in Tracy Unified except Kimball High School, so would speed bumps have prevented these accidents? Vanessa Hurtaeo, a student in one of the car crashes where one car flipped over, states,”Speed bumps really are needed, the school has none.” Vanessa and another student were coming from soccer practice when a car came too fast out of nowhere.
The principle Mr. Pecot heard both car crashes from his office. Pecot says,”I actually talked to the district about getting speed bumps.” Pecot believes if speed bumps wouldn’t have prevented the accidents, but could’ve helped. A football player by the name Clay Smith had witnessed the accident and had the same opinion as Pecot, believing that speed bumps would not have stopped the accident but lighten the impact. Eliza Pederson who witnessed the accident said,”As a car was pulling out another was going by and the other car hit the other.”
It is a back and forth argument if speed bumps would’ve prevented it, but Pecot does believe and does want speed bumps. He has talked to the district and now the decisions in their hands.

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Accidents Coming to a School Near You?