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The Scariest Skeleton Mask of All

Lindsey Smollack, Reporter

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My feelings towards Halloween the older I got the more I love it. When I was younger I had a pretty traumatic experience. In my hometown of Boise Idaho Halloween season was just around the corner. My older siblings and I were too young to be as brave as my mom when I came to be Halloween every year. My experience till this day doesn’t leave my head even though I was really young to really remember what happened. Typically, little kids are too young to know what’s going on to get scared on Halloween but for my sisters and me it was different. My parents thought it would be funny to scare us because she is the queen of Halloween. A couple days before the my mom’s favorite holiday she and my dad were upstairs getting ready to go to the Halloween store to pick up and last minute decorations to make our house the best decorated or most scary house on the block. While my parents were getting ready my sisters and I were downstairs waiting patiently to get the decorations then leave. Finally my parents are done getting ready they call us upstairs to come look at something. My dad was nowhere in sight. We all walk into the bathroom and notice my dad was not in the bathroom nor was he downstairs. When we made our way to the bathroom where my mom was and right as we walk into the bathroom my mom says “look girls”… standing in the walk in shower was a man wearing a long black gown with a fake bloody knife and his face was covered with a bloody skeleton mask. After we all had a good look at the man in the shower he quickly jumped out of the shower and started to chase us. We have never got away so fast. Once we reached the top of the stairs he stopped chasing us but we kept screaming while running downstairs. After this happened Halloween in the Smollack house has never been the same my parents stopped scaring us since then. Growing up my attitude for Halloween changed from hating Halloween to loving it more and more.

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The Scariest Skeleton Mask of All