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The Vicious Vampire Attack

Ani Gutierrez, Reporter

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It was 10:22 a.m. on a gloomy Saturday morning in October, when I bolted awake from my deep, yet uncomfortable, sleep. I felt uneasy while getting ready for the day ahead of me, but I brushed it off. I was excited because of the Halloween party happening that night. The day seemed to fly by and before I knew it, it was 8 p.m. As I was putting on the finishing touches to my bunny costume, I noticed two dark red dots, side by side on my wrist. I has no clue what it was or how it got there and the bruising around it didn’t help the fact that I was confused. I meant to look up the meaning on the dots on Google but right as I was about to, the doorbell rang with my best friend April on the other side of the door. I immediately forgot about the strange marks and answered the door to see her kitty-whiskered face. “You ready to party?!”, she yelled. “Oh hell yeah!”, I answered back with a silly voice and giggle.
This party wasn’t anything special, just your typical high school party filled with teenagers doing…well… “high school things”. I made my way to the kitchen to refresh my dry mouth with a soda, when I noticed a guy with the same exact mark on his wrist, pouring a drink of whatever alcohol was there. I figured it was just a coincidence, until I saw a girl with the same marks too! I approached her, “Hey, weird question, but how’d you get those marks on your wrist because I woke up with the same ones?” She made eye contact with me and goosebumps rose from my body. The look in her eyes seemed to show no sign of life and her face was extremely pale. She didn’t say anything to me except, “change.” I was obviously freaked out and confused but I figured she was just messing with me. I continued having fun with my friends until an hour later when I started to feel dizzy and nauseous. April noticed and said, “Woah, why do you look so pale? And why are your eyes so dull?” When she said that I realized I was changing into whatever that girl was, but when I tried to respond to April I couldn’t fathom words together. My vision started going blurry and the last thing I remember before passing out was that one strange girl attacking someone by biting them.
I woke up the next day with the memories of that party being a blur. I checked my wrist and it was bandaged up somehow. I then realized that I wasn’t even in my bed, I was in a hospital. The nurse came in and I asked, “What happened? How did I get here?” “There was an attack and you got infected but you’re fine now. Unfortunately for the population, there’s an outbreak. This hospital is the only safe place in the city now.” My heart immediately sank when I heard those words come out of her mouth. “What do you mean ‘outbreak’?”, my quivering voice asked. “An outbreak…of zombies.” I thought she was joking at first but soon realized she was serious due to the concerned look on her face. I got up from my bed and looked outside only to fear what I saw. Zombies filled the city streets and there was no sign of living civilization out there. I knew this was going to be a new life for me, and one crazy Halloween.

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The Vicious Vampire Attack