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Confusing Halloween Nightmare

Madi Salazar, Reporter

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​I took the first step out of my house and was met with the brisk fall air and a damp yard, it had rained last night. It was the day before Halloween and it was as if my neighborhood itself had known because it was cold and the grey fog had settled over everyone’s house in our little town of Arnold. There were a few houses with lame decorations out front like an assortment of skeletons the looked like they should have been tossed away a couple years back. I continue to look at the decorations as I make my way towards the bus stop where I meet my best friend Kate every day before school.
​“OOoooHhhHHh you see how spooky it looks today? Halloween is here!!!” Says Kate with a mischievous grin on her face while rubbing her hands together. Kate loves Halloween, it’s her favorite holiday, obviously. Every year she gets a group of friends to go with her and suckers us in to spending the night in an abandoned cabin but most of us end up bailing. Who knows where she’ll have us go this year.
​School was long and uneventful for the next two days. All of the talk at school was Halloween and which party everyone was attending. My group of friends and I are not big on the whole party thing so we usually avoid those and most of the time end up hanging out or watching movies.
​It’s the night of Halloween and I received a text from Kate about twenty minutes ago with the address of her newly abandoned cabin obsession this year. It wasn’t too far but as I walked up to the huge cabin I felt a shiver go up my spine, it was cold and dark outside, where windows once were there were now boards, and the door didn’t look to promising to hold back what might try to get in at night.
​Once everyone arrived we all set up in what I assumed used to be the living room and set up pour little camp and tablets so new could watch scary movies. I must’ve drifted off to sleep not too far into the first movie.
​I woke up with a jump and was confused as to where I was, I didn’t recognize my room which of course wasn’t where I was at. I looked around to find nobody around me as I had fallen asleep to. Sleeping bags, tablets, food, and my friends all gone.
​“Don’t panic. Don’t panic. Let’s just call Kate.” I said to myself as I stood up and looked around.​
​I clicked on Kate’s name in my phone and she picks up on the first ring. She is screaming. I have never heard a scream like this before, her voice was full of fear, I could tell.
​“KATE! Kate what’s wrong?!” I yell into the phone. That’s when the line goes dead. I fall to the ground clutching the phone. I go to dial 9-1-1 but I seem to be paralyzed, unable to move or push the three simple buttons. My vision is blurry because I’m terrified for my best friend, this is what happens when we sneak into abandoned cabins.
​I receive a call from Kate a minute later and she sounds as if nothing had happened and she’s asking me what I’m going to be for Halloween. I look up and realize I’m no longer in the cabin. I’m sitting on my bed eating a bowl of candy corn and browsing the web for a cute costume to wear. I stop and ask her what’s going on because I’m scared out of my mind. Right as Kate started to talk I jerked up.
​“It was a dream!” I look up and everyone is looking at me with shocked faces. I think I just said that out loud but I don’t care because I’m relieved. Everyone laughs at me for a good minute after I tell them of my dream and we all go back to eating popcorn and big bags of Halloween candy we bought for ourselves. I HATE Halloween.

Word Count: 697

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Confusing Halloween Nightmare