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The Scary Door Creak

Sonann Hakimi, Reporter

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It was Halloween night and this year I decided to stay home and relax instead of going out and end up feeling exhausted. The idea of getting some rest sounded very appealing so I headed to bed and laid down to get some sleep. I had shut all of the windows closed and did anything else I could to keep as much noise as possible out of the house since there were so many kids wandering about right outside. The house would’ve been completely quiet if it wasn’t for this faint, creaking sound. As the night went on, it became more and more difficult to sleep. I realized that it was because the creaking sound was still going on and it was slowly driving me nuts. I assumed that it was just a sound that the house made, but then started wondering why I’ve never noticed it before. At first, I let it be since I was too scared to get up and check it out, but then it became all I could think about. There was no way I was getting and sleep with this annoying sound constantly going on. Things finally became so annoying that I got up and walked around the house to see what was causing this sound. As I was walking to a different room to investigate, the sound started to get louder like I was getting closer. The sound led me to the door of my garage. It took me ten minutes to gather up the courage to actually open up the door. I opened up the door and instantly became terrified from what I saw. It was my mother, who was supposed to be out of town picking up my brother, swinging back and forth on some sort of swing attached to the ceiling, making it creak. She was just sitting there with no facial expression and didn’t make a sound. It was like a doll had been placed there and just kept swinging. As soon as I saw what was going on I slammed the door shut not knowing what to do. I repeatedly yelled “MOM” through the door, hoping to get a response. She never gave a response. All of the sudden the creaking stops. At this point, no sound at all made things ten times scarier. I didn’t know whether to open the door or leave it closed. I felt that if something happened to my mom, I couldn’t let my fear keep me from finding out what was happening so I swung the door open. My heart raced as I realized she was no longer on the swing. She was standing right in front of the other side of the door, still without any expression. I looked into her eyes and I didn’t feel like she was my mom anymore. It felt like I was staring at an empty shell. As I backed away, trying to get as far as possible from this thing in front of me, her arm shot at my wrist and grasped it tightly. She began to whisper something over and over again. At first I couldn’t understand, but then she spoke louder and louder to the point where she was screaming at the top of her lungs! She repeatedly screeched… “HAPPY HALLOWEEN SUCKA!”

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The Scary Door Creak