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Silent House

Kelsey Taylor, Reporter

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Tap. Tap. Tap.

My footsteps echoed off the rotting wood. The house creaked and moaned with every inch, ever centimeter I moved. The Windows shuddered as a breath of wind passed through the cracks between each board.

Logically, I knew my stress was merely me being dramatic. Logically, this house was not haunted and and the worse that could happen would be that I get in trouble for trespassing. Yet here I was, in the old abandoned house a few blocks over in the dead of night. Even better, it was Halloween eve. The perfect time for hauntings to occur. My anxiety was getting the better of me.

I could pretend this was all a dare, saying my friend had dared me to go spend a few hours in this cursed place in exchange for all of her Halloween candy but that would be a boldfaced lie. The truth? I’m an idiot. I saw a cat run through the door and so I followed. Now the cat is no where to be found and I’m alone in here.

Idiot. That dumb old cat probably left already- there was no trace of it.

The house creaked again, but this time it was different. This time, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t even think. My throat felt hoarse.

There was something in the house.

My chest seized, filling with panic, and I started to run. The house creaked again. No, it wasn’t a creak. It was a scream.

The wind outside went silent.

At that moment my foot slipped. I felt it sink into the wood, like something was clinging to it. Despair clawed at my throat, and I felt like I couldn’t make another sound. Why did I lack the common sense to stay home? Why did I follow that cat, when it was obviously no where to be found? Why did I-

My foot got free and I stumbled forward, barely managing to keep myself from falling. I whipped my head around, searching for something, anything that had followed. All I saw was darkness. A breath of relief escaped me. The wind howled again.

I was being overdramatic. My anxiety was getting the better of me. The wasn’t some horror movie where ghosts and ghouls came out to haunt as Halloween approaches- I was fine, just fine!

The silent house was empty. My mouth was dry, throat sore. I took one more glance around, just in case, before heading back to the door. The house creaked again. It was silent. I was safe and I was leaving.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

My heart was racing. I was safe. My hand found the handle. The house was silent. I tried to turn it but it didn’t turn. I was safe. I tried again. Nothing. The house was silent. The handle wouldn’t turn. The silence screamed at me. The hand lost the handle.

The house was empty.

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Silent House