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The Blood Moon

Marisol Flores, Reporter

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As I open my eyes all I see is a endless crowed of trees. I stand up and began to walk around. “Where am I?” I said to myself looking for any signs of civilization. I walk around not knowing where or how I got into these woods. “Hello?” I began to say,” I’m lost and don’t remember that much can someone please help me?” I walked around repeating every track I made. After a few minutes a girl pops out of the bushes.
“Boo!” The girl screams as I move back in fear. She begins to laugh, “Hey there I’m Kari! What’s your name?”
“I’m Marisol,” I say having a weird feeling about this girl. “Hey Marisol, why are you not in costume?” Kari asked tilting her head. “I don’t know…” I say confused. “It’s Halloween get into the spirit!” She said, she looks up at the sky and her happy curious face went to worried and fearful.
“Um Marisol,” she grabs my hand,”Follow me.” The next thing I knew I was being dragged along by this girl in a pirate outfit. “What’s wrong Kari why did yo-.” Kari covers my mouth. “Look over there.” She says. As I turn to look my eyes were open wide. Four dead bodies of children, but something strange began to happen. The harsh wind picked the bodies up, the children were back to life. “Don’t be amazed this happens every time there’s a blood moon on Halloween.” She looks at me,”They murder.” I look at her, “Why?” I ask. “Someone murdered us here.” Kari said with tears. “Us?!” I exclaimed. “I was killed in this blood moon 15 years ago on Halloween, follow me let’s get out.”
I began to run with Kari until we found ourselves surrounded by even more trees. Kari begins to cry,”I never had a friend before.”
“You do now.” I say smiling until she pulled out her pirate sword and stabbed me. The last word I remember Kari saying was,”Join me then friend.” Then everything went black.

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The Blood Moon