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The Killing Ghosts’

Kolby Bryant, Reporter

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It was a dark Halloween night and all of the kids were trick-or-treating. Everyone dressed up with a smile on their face. The night time weather was perfect with a slight, refreshing breeze. But everything changed once one trouble making kid rang the doorbell of the forbidden house. As soon as the bell rang, the power went out in the whole city, lightning shot across the sky, and it started pouring rain.
Little Johnny had been causing trouble in his new hometown ever since his family arrived. He made himself known to the whole community after being caught doorbell ditching by multiple neighbors. Johnny never really had any parental guidance or discipline as his dad was a drunk who never payed attention to him and a mom who was always on business trips across the country.
Everyone in the town knew about the forbidden house and to stay away. Rumor had it that if the doorbell was rang, then the town would be over ran by the ghosts of the dead who would haunt the town members until the one who rang the bell was killed. On Halloween, Johnny had the idea to go on the biggest doorbell ditching spree ever. He hit every doorbell on the block and was sly enough to get away. Johnny being Johnny decided to test his limits and approached the forbidden house. The biggest mistake he ever made was ringing the bell. Before he could attempt to run away he felt something tightly grab his throat. While the whole town was confused about what had just happened, Johnny was cornered by multiple ghosts. He repeatedly apologized but it was too late as the ghosts killed him and turned him into one as well. The town returned to normal and Johnny was never seen again.

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The Killing Ghosts’