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Magical Halloween Spirit

Tonallo Colon, Reporter

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I was never one to get into the spirit of holidays, especially Halloween now. I used to be fine with Halloween, until two years ago.
​It was a quaint Fall, chilly and slightly foggy, the perfect Halloween atmosphere. However, I noticed a large decrease in Halloween decorations. I didn’t think much of it, considering the kids now-days would rather stay home and play video games. I liked the idea of having a small Halloween, I wouldn’t be annoyed by all the knocking and ringing of the doorbell. That all changed when I was home alone and the lights started to flicker.
​The flickering didn’t scare me, it was the thing that appeared before me that creeped me out. It was tall and lean, with pointy claws and teeth, and had long horns. I concluded that it was a spirit because it was slightly transparent, I also knew it meant trouble. When I asked who it was, I nearly had a heart attack when it said it was the Spirit of Halloween.
​The spirit was angry that not many people were preparing for Halloween. When people decorate and trick-or-treat, it fuels its power; the more power he has, the better the Halloween experience would take place. It wanted me to spread the Halloween spirit all across Tracy, or else he would make me allergic to candy! I couldn’t allow that to happen, I love candy! I thought it would be impossible, until he gave me special gift. He gave me a magical candy bag that held an unlimited amount of magical candy. The candy held the power to increase the Halloween spirit of any person who consumed the candy. I didn’t have much time left, there was only 3 days left until Halloween, so I spent the rest of that day brainstorming and planning.
​The next day, I gave some candy to my little brother to take to school and share with his classmates. I also took the magical candy bag to school and spread it among the students. When I got home from school, I got on my bike and rode around town leaving gift bags containing candy at the doorsteps off all the houses. The next day I noticed a huge difference. The was a huge increase in Halloween decorations set up all over the neighborhood. I even rode around on my bike to check out the surrounding houses, they were all decorated. At school, I heard everyone talking about plans for Halloween, either going trick-or-treating as a group, or having a party.
​The night before Halloween, the spirit came back, impressed with my work. As a reward, he let me keep the magic candy bag, allowing me to enjoy all the candy I ever wanted. The next day was the busiest day I ever had. Kids came knocking on the door earlier than expected, and came nonstop late into the night. Come midnight, the spirit came again, but it looked different. Instead of looking like monster, it looked like a cuddly, puffy cloud person. The spirit was very pleased and happy, it thanked me for my hard work and flew off into the night. There I stood exhausted, glad it was finally over, thinking to myself, “I think I’m done trick-or-treating now.”

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Magical Halloween Spirit