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Halloween Poem

Johanna Hernandez, Reporter

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Wolves are howling in the wind
Signaling Halloween is about to begin
The full moon burns bright
As witches fly in broomsticks in the night
Frightened parents close the shutters
Ghostly beings start to mutter
Zombies arise from the dead
And show all their hatred and dread
Houses are eerily haunted
People begin to feel a bit daunted
Children begin to disappear without traces
Pumpkins earn their festive faces
Children scream and shudder in fear
Halloween is drawing nearer
Costumes are being rehearsed
Witches are beginning their curses
Candy is being bought from stores
Costumes on toddlers people simply adore
Halloween Parties are a buzz
That is, until they get a visit from the fuzz
Candies are checked and counted
As memories are recounted
The final black cats are seen
On this night called Halloween
When the candy is counted and the fun’s died down
Children’s faces end with a frown
They crawl into their beds and go to sleep
Now the parents arise quick on their feet
They go to the kitchen and turn on the light
As their children are peacefully asleep this night
They open the candies one by one
Until their is little to none
Guess the children will learn their lesson
Because their candy has dramatically lessened
But those children who are smart
Do not let their stomachs part
They stash their candy far away
And then they go out and play
Their parents can search high and low
But they will not find it until it begins to snow
For their children are wise
And took their grandparents advice
Children take down the garlic and mince it
So that there is no Vampire named Vincent
They take down their decor
And then they prepare for
The Thanksgiving Month.

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Halloween Poem