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Do Speed Bumps Control Speed?

Celia Gonzales, Kendall Cherry, and Kimberly Vaughn

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Speed Bumps help to prevent speeding and keep people safe when crossing lanes in public and in school areas. Over the weekend, John C. Kimball high school added speed bumps for the safety of their students, parents, and teachers.
Senior Sofia Leat says the school installed the speed bumps to ensure the students and staff are safe while crossing and driving. Leat says the speed bumps are placed in the school’s parking lots and streets to protect students when crossing lanes and to prevent speeding during after school hours. Some students feel upset and believe the budget was wasted on the speed bumps, but majority of the students here at Kimball think it is a good way to keep the students and staff safe.
With new speed bumps placed on school grounds, the prevention of speeding, and students safety is greatly increased, which makes the students and teachers feel safer while stepping onto and entering school grounds.

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Do Speed Bumps Control Speed?