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‘All the President’s Men’

Tonallo Colon, Reporter

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Ben Bradlee’s quote, “Nothing’s riding on this except the First Amendment of the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of this country,” towards Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein was sarcastic and ironic. Ben’s quote was exactly what was riding on Bob and Carl’s report. When it comes to journalism, writing a story is all about facts and accuracy, so when they’re writing about Nixon being corrupt, one wrong detail could ruin not only them, but all of the journalism community. Ben is fully aware of what could happen, given that they mess their story up.

The freedom of the press is part of the First Amendment of the constitution, however there are some limitations to what can be published. What Bob and Carl are writing is basically libel, aiming right at Nixon for being a scandal. How would the people of America take it when journalists accuse their president of being a scandal, then come to find out that even a part of it wasn’t true? This is exactly what Ben is worried about, writing a false story aimed directly towards the president would ruin journalism. An error this huge could lead to a major change, of not to the First Amendment, then to the world of journalism.

Ben said that even the future of the country was at stake. Either way, if their story was true or false, it could bring upon changes to the country. It being true, the presidency would linger in doubt, the fear of having another scandalous president ruin the country’s patriotic pride. If the story were false, it would be the journalists who would be attacked, and at at even larger scale, even the First Amendment, changing how the freedom of speech and press would be portrayed.

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‘All the President’s Men’