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The Struggle to Complete College Apps

Madi Salazar and Lindsey Smollack

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Every senior in high school stresses out whenever College Apps are mentioned. College apps for state schools and universities are due on November 30th. Private schools have their own personal deadlines. Every year college gets more selective and students try to improve their applications in order to compete with others around the world. As seniors get closer and closer to graduation the time comes to start filling our college applications to get a jump start on their future career.
One senior, Isabel Del Castillo is applying to a lot of private schools and they were due October 31st. when asked if she was stressed while doing them she replied with “yes”
Shelby Salinas, another senior at Kimball high school when asked if she was stressed Salinas replied with “yes because just thinking about college is stressful.” Salinas, unlike Del Castillo, has not started college apps and eventually will.
Filling out college applications you have to know about your family and even your financial status. As a senior it is stressful trying to find a good school with a great program that you are looking for. No matter how stressful it is most seniors will be applying this month. Students will be competing neck and neck to try and get into a college that will lead them to their futur

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The Struggle to Complete College Apps