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BTA Formal Preperation

Lenia Manglona, Princess Soriano, and Michaela Ross

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As fall turns into winter, BTA creeps closer, and stress overfills the Kimball Students. This special event occurs on December 19, 2017, in the Gymnasium. BTA is like a Sadies-Hawkins dance where the girl asks the guy. In other schools in Tracy, it’s referred to as Girl’s Treat (Tracy High) and Winter Ball (West High). BTA stands for black tie affair, this formal dance occurs every year in John C. Kimball High.

Samantha Mayer was asked, “Were there any special activities before BTA?” Ms.Mayer (grade 9) stated, “No because I don’t have the guts to ask anyone out. I think it’s going to be a hit because BTA is a tradition of high schools where the girl gets to ask the guy out. Yes, because I can decide is I really really want to go or not.?”

With BTA in the past, people bought tickets but didn’t go to the dance. The single tickets with ASB costs $39 and will bout ASB it’s $35. The couple’s ticket with ASB is $50 and without ASB it’s $60. Students are able to take other students from different schools as long as they fill out a form. Non-Kimball students forms have to be returned to the bookkeeper’s office on November 28th. Make sure to bring your ID’s so you’re allowed to go to the BTA dance.

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BTA Formal Preperation