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Jaguar Theatre Students Reflect on Annie’s Last Show

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Last Saturday marked closing night for the Annie cast and crew; as seniors celebrated one of their final shows while freshman rejoiced the end of their first.  Annie is the 13th Neylan production marking the end of a second generation.  Many tears and laughs were shared throughout the process of this production as there were a few hurdles to jump over and many memories to remember.
     Nathan Forshen, a freshman who joined theater this year and had the wonderful opportunity to become the stage manager shadow explained how tech week went pretty smoothly. As his first year in Kimball Theatre this was his first cast party and he thought it was awesome, and emotional. Nathan is a freshman so he still has many shows with Mrs. Neylan as the director. He plans on being a part of the crew for Hamlet. Nathan said “I would change absolutely nothing about the show.” “The show never ends.” 
     Sara Decker, who has been in theatre for two years as light lead thought of tech week as “more stressful than always.”  She stated “It’s amazing to see the show come together, everyone growing closer and in the end it went very well.” She said. “It’s emotional to think about and I wish I had more shows to do with Mrs. Neylan.” She plans on being a part of Hamlet. She wouldn’t change a single thing about the production. 
      Meghan Rio a junior who portrayed the part of Miss Hannigan, has been in theatre for three years and thought of tech week as tiring. “We are supposed to get a real feel and timing for the show. Never completely prepared when it goes by so quickly and you are always moving. Makes you wonder, how do you go back to normal life?” She thought of the cast party as always fun and sad, “looking back on that night all I think of are the best memories that I’ve made.” She is not a senior, and still has a couple of shows left with Mrs. Neylan as the director. She plans on participating in the next show Hamlet.  “I enjoy Shakespeare, it will be fine even though Mrs. Neylan isn’t directing the show herself. I don’t think it took so long to get where we are. Only change would be the friendships. I don’t think it took so long to get where we are. Only change would be the friendships. I would not want to do it again.” 
     Freshmen, Natalie Martin shared with us her experience on her first production. “It was so much fun, it was a dream come true.  Everyone was amazing and the shows were just amazing,” she shared ecstatically.
     Another freshmen, Gabe Cornado, who played several roles in this production shared what one of his favorite moments was throughout this three month journey. “The kids show because the kids reacted so much to everything that went on, on stage,” he began, “It was so cute and after the show they were excited to see every character.”
     Although this was a wonderful start in a beautiful journey for many, this also lies as the beginning to an end of a generation. Seniors Frank Perez, Jorge Salazar and Armena San Agustin have participated in the productions since their freshmen year.  This last musical struck a chord for Jorge Salazar since his journey began with a musical. “It has definitely been quite a journey,” he stated, “Music Man was definitely a very nice way to start the experience in Jaguar Theatre as a while but it was definitely Annie that was a beautiful way of finishing it up as well.  I’m definitely upset that there won’t be any more musicals this year or ever again since we’re graduating, but I’m certain this was the best way to finish off our musical journey here at Kimball.”
     Being the only member of the theatre who has participated in every production since the start of their freshmen career, Frank Perez confirmed that the phrase “Once a Neylan always a Neylan” lies true among the theatre family. Frank enlightened us that among the many memories he created throughout this show, the cast party remained his favorite.
     Even though Annie has come to a close, it will remain in the hearts of many.  It’s a hard knock life for those who didn’t have the opportunity to see Annie and for those who did, we hope you really liked the show.  Come back and see Jaguar Theatre’s spring production of, Hamlet.

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Jaguar Theatre Students Reflect on Annie’s Last Show