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First Student Jaguar Production Rumors Scheduled to Debut on December 6th

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Not doing anything on December 16 at 6 PM? Spend your Friday night watching a one night only show “Rumors” a Jaguar Production. This is a mystery thriller about a couple having a wedding anniversary party, but before the party, the husband has a bullet hole through his ear and the wife is missing, which ensures gossip to go around. Hence… “Rumors.”

This play is directed by Armena Christa San Agustin, a senior at Kimball High School. Armena shares how stressful the whole process has been. “It was actually a class project. I initially was not planning on it, but with the assistance of my group, I learned that I was the best candidate. So far, it has been a good learning experience.” Armena stated.

Mrs. Neylan, Kimball High School’s drama teacher and most often times the producer and director of most of the school plays, said, “A student directed play is full of learning. The directors learn how to manage students and time, vocalize ideas, communicate effectively with respect and grace, especially since things go wrong and they always do. And they get to fill the bond between cast and crew and see the magic of their vision come to life.”

Laura Johnson, portrays, “Officer Pudney, who is a police officer who is just starting out. They get a call for a car accident, which they are relunctant to go because they are already tired, but they go anyway.”

Jorge Salazar plays Leonard Ganz, who he states, “is the sassiest character of them all. He is very sarcastic and scolds almost everyone. Basically, he is a rich and snobby character.”

“Its like a dark comedy. The situation is like a murder mystery, a lot of violence, but a lot of comedy. Very entertaining. The more you know the characters, the more you will fall in love with them.” said Jorge Salazar.

A lot of hard work and passion was put into this play. Rumors will be on December 16th at 6 PM and its free!

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First Student Jaguar Production Rumors Scheduled to Debut on December 6th