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New School Resource Officer

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During November, Officer Brandi joined the Kimball High school campus. He is the school resource officer.

Prior to becoming the school resource officer, Brandi revealed what he used to do. “I used to have a phone business called The Phone Broker, which was really big back a couple years ago.” said Brandi. He also use to work and build PC boards.

Officer Brandi has three children of his own. Two of the three already graduated from college. Officer Brandi has been a member of the Tracy police department since 2004. He has worked many different jobs for the police department such as SWAT and criminal investigation.

Here at Kimball High, Officer Brandi assists the principal and vice principal to make sure there aren’t any problems at the school. “Nothing has been too bad here in my opinion.”, stated Brandi.

Officer Brandi has an office here at the school and works full time.

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New School Resource Officer