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Jaguar Spring Production to be Co-directed by Mrs. Neylan and Mr. Munger

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The production of Hamlet follows the protagonist, Hamlet, after the recent death of his father and his plot for revenge against a singular person in the kingdom. Hamlet is the first co-directed show Kimball High School has had since opening several years ago. At the end of last year, Mrs. Neylan asked Mr. Munger if he’d like to direct this show and without a second thought, he agreed. After a thorough discussion, Mrs. Neylan and Mr. Munger agreed to co-direct this famous Shakespearean show, The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. With Hamlet nearly halfway through the rehearsal process, Mr. Munger and Mrs. Neylan shared their thoughts on directing and co-directing.

Since Hamlet originally totaled up to around a 4 and a half hour show, Mrs. Neylan gave Mr. Munger the task of cutting down the script to a max of 2 and a half hours. He shared that it was extremely difficult because he wanted to keep the integrity of the story while at the same time chopping out any of the unnecessary details. He stated, “It was a process of chopping and reading over what I had done and then adding things that I felt I needed to go back in. It took hours, it took probably 20 to 30 hours of my time.”

Mr. Munger also shared that this is the first show he has directed and that it is, “a constant learning process”. This show has taught him how to direct while actors are on stage as well as how to plan ahead for the next day and the following days to come, and how to adapt to situations when certain actors aren’t available.

With this being the first show that Mrs. Neylan is co-directing, she stated that it was an adjustment

for her to let go of her directing control, but that Mr. Munger is doing well and she’s not having issues she thought she may have had at the beginning of the show. Mrs. Neylan also shared the different aspects she controls over the show. “I control the costumes and the sets. I am an assistant to the creative vision of blocking and of intonation and understanding character and character development,” she stated.


With approximately 4 more weeks left of rehearsals, directors are optimistic about the end result.

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Jaguar Spring Production to be Co-directed by Mrs. Neylan and Mr. Munger