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How To: Last Minute Prom

Jackie Vasquez, Reporter

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Prom is coming up on April 8, 2017 at Canyon View in San Ramon, Calif. Prom is an event that

everyone waits for all year. Girls plan their perfect prom dress months ahead. Many go with

dates, friends, or alone. Although people like to plan months before prom, others wait last

minute for this special day.

A junior at Kimball High School, Cassie Kalabesse said, “I only have my prom ticket, makeup

and hair appointments, and shoes. I’m still on a hunt for a dress.” Cassie shared her thoughts

on last minute prom, “I like to plan ahead and not wait till the last minute. I suggest to take care

of the major things first, and then worry about the smaller things.”

Here’s a quick plan for last minute prom. Make a checklist of the stuff you need for prom. Once you get

what you need make sure to check it off so you can know what you need left. Make sure

you take care of the bigger things first so you don’t have to stress. If you don’t have a corsage, you can

always make one at home! Make nail and hair appointments as soon as possible. If appointments are

all booked, you can watch videos on how to do prom hair and makeup and you can practice at


It’s important to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute. Remember, prom shouldn’t be

stressful, it is an event to look forward to and night to remember!

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How To: Last Minute Prom