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Are Those Expensive College Apps Worth It?

Justine Garcia, Reporter

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To some, senior year might be easy, to others it is a challenge. There are many stress-inducing times in a senior’s last year of high school. Late March is known to be quite stressful, as colleges are releasing college acceptance letters.

The process for applying to college might start  in late summer. Although for most, applying for colleges usually takes place around October to December. College admissions require a lot of time and money.
What makes it so stressful? “The waiting. It’s best to avoid websites that show rankings and statistics because it will only make you worry more and compare yourself to others.”, said senior Fatima Iqbal, who has applied to more than 10 colleges. Surprisingly, it was even a relief to get rejected by one of the applied colleges, according to Jamie Salanga, who has applied to 20 colleges.
What have people learned form this process? “You don’t have to be a cookie cutter student with perfect grades. You have to show colleges how you are different and how you would fit into their community.”, said Kiran Sekhon, who plans to major in biology.
How do people celebrate? It may seem common to celebrate by dancing, jumping or screaming. However, these students shared that they celebrated by crying. Along with that, they also shared that they felt as though they were on top of the world and made a major accomplishment.

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Are Those Expensive College Apps Worth It?