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Advancements of Technology Reveal the Darker Side of the Internet, Cyberbullying

Bronwyn Graffham

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Many times we’ve all sat through assemblies that discuss the dangers of

cyberbullying, and thought to ourselves: “is this really such a big problem?” Here’s

the short answer: yes, it is.


Nowadays, the Internet dominates, and it is becoming more and more

accessible. In some ways, this is good. It allows for better communication, connects

us to people from all over the world, and gives us a seemingly infinite database of

information for us to view. But, the power that the Internet has given us can corrupt

some people.


Sitting behind a computer screen can make a person brave. Things you would

never say to a persons face can now be said online. All there is to it is pressing an

anonymous switch, and typing out message.


So, what should you do it if you’re being cyber bullied? Ignore it! Block the

person, turn off anonymous messages, and delete rude comments. Even if you think

you have the funniest thing to say back, or if you think it won’t get through to you,

do not reply to any rude messages. If you respond they will keep coming and

eventually they will start to get to you. If after ignoring it, the problem persists, tell

an adult, or contact the staff of the site to deactivate their account (hate messages

are against the guidelines of the most websites), or even disconnect from the

Internet for a while. It may do you some good.

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Advancements of Technology Reveal the Darker Side of the Internet, Cyberbullying