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Accidents Coming to a School Near You?

Marisol Flores and Victoria Lapizco

September 20, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

At Kimball High School, there have been two car accidents within the first five weeks of school. There are speed bumps at every other high school in Tracy Unified except Kimball High School, so would speed bumps have prevented...

Jagtastic Welcome to New Teachers

Tonallo Colon and Trisha Esguerra

August 12, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

Looking forward to this new school year, 2017-2018, several new teachers have been welcomed at Kimball High School. This school year is a fresh start for all of us to get back on track, it is also a new, fresh start for the new...

Drama Club Invites All to Attend Showcase

Armena Christa San Agustin, Reporter

April 26, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

With the school year zooming to a close, Drama Club is ending the year with their annual Showcase. Showcase is an event held at the end of the school year by Kimball High School's Drama Club Program to display the many talents...

Does Point Break Have Effect on Bullying?

Courtney Lodge, Reporter

March 16, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

Point break is an intervention to help students develop character and a sense of belonging. During this program the students are with each other all day, and learn a lot about each other. This program is to help others see that...

Results of ERWC Survey Reveal 96% of Students Would Favor Off Campus Lunch

Justine Garcia, Reporter

February 19, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

In Mrs. Sprecksel's Expository Reading and Writing Class, the students have been conducting a survey for the whole school to answer. The survey was about school lunches. The results will be used as evidence for the class's essay...

Black Student Union Celebrates Their Roots During February

Justine Garcia, Reporter

February 18, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

February is known to be a short month due to having only 28 days and sometimes 29 days. However, February is also significant because it is Black History Month. This February has been a great month for making history...

Seniors Look Ahead As Graduation Nears

Camryn Leschinsky and Mackenzie Rose

January 31, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

With graduation just around the corner, seniors at Kimball High School are preparing for their lives ahead of them. In November of this past year they began applying to colleges and figuring out where they will be this next school...

From Student to Adult: The Transition

Sophia Fairfield, Reporter

January 31, 2017

Filed under Campus Life

Just 5 months away from graduation, the Kimball High School seniors are gearing up to enter into the ‘real world’. From prom, Grad Night, Beach Day, the fun-filled activities and anticipations are coming on in full force. Along...

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